A1 size poster painted by a sign writer under the artist’s instruction.

Commissioned for Keep Floors and Passages Clear

Keep Floors and Passages Clear was a project that involved the commissioning of a single A1 sized artwork from artists based in the UK and beyond. It ran from November 2008 till March 2011.

The project was initiated as a response to an old RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) poster situated in the foyer of One Thoresby Street in Nottingham. The poster features an illustration of a man tripping over a number of boxes and monolithic objects with the project's title written underneath.

Each artist was invited to produce a work that was identically mounted and presented adjacent to the original poster. This changed monthly with the former exhibitors poster being housed within a portfolio that could be viewed upon request.

The project concluded after the completion of 20 commissions and displayed in its entirety at the original location of One Thoresby Street between Oct 22nd - Dec 18th 2010 and then White Columns, NYC between Feb 5th - Mar 5th 2011.


Oct 22nd - Dec 18th 2010
One Thoresby Street: Oct 22nd - Dec 18th 2010

Feb 5th - Mar 5th 2011
White Columns: Feb 5th - Mar 5th 2011