call to action
221 giclée prints on hahnemuhle photo rag paper, black shoe tacks, found kodak colour prints and sleeve, gallery walls painted black and pantone 448c (opaque couché) converted to RAL 6041
exhibited in james e smith - new photographic works
usher gallery, the collection, lincoln

exhibition photos: andy weekes

1. Signals, Kingsbury, October 2015
2. Memento Mori, High St, Thornbury, October
3. Supporting Alcatel Pixi 3(4) Android Smart Phone with little finger, November
4. Fly-poster, Thornbury, November
5. Artwork through window, High Street, Northcote, November
6. Poster, Flemington, February 2016
7. Human using a smart phone device, February
8. Swanson Street, February
9. Sign at Sullivan Bay, first European settlement in Victoria, Sorento, February
10. La Trobe Street, February
11. Altered tree, Napier Street, South Melbourne, February
12. Arrangement, Kensington, February
13. Still Life in a kitchen cupboard at an Airbnb, Kensington, February
14. Lemons at an Airbnb, February
15. Fly-poster, Docklands, February
16. Toilet Choices 1, Library at the Dock, Docklands, February
17. Branches, University of Melbourne, Parkville, February
18. Logitech S125i portable speaker with Apple Ipod Touch (4th Gen), February
19. Fortissio Lungo Nespresso capsule at an Airbnb, West Footscray, February
20. Unfinished homes, February
21. Rear of car 1, Middle Footscray, February
22. Fly-poster, Middle Footscray, February
23. Handy hand sanitiser, Footscray, February
24. Droop Street, Footscray, February
25. Leeds Street, Footscray, February
26. Notice in shop, Footscray, February
27. Synthetic food example, China Town, Melbourne CBD, February
28. Paint Job, Melbourne CBD, February
29. Sims Street, West Melbourne, February
30. Irving Street, Footscray, February
31. Parliament Station, Melbourne CBD, February
32. Ikea BEKVÄM step stool 1, Kensington, February
33. North Melbourne, February
34. Proposed apartment mudguard, Melbourne CBD, February
35. Elizabeth Street iPhone advertisement, Melbourne CBD February
36. Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, February
37. Humans approaching Flinders Street Station, Melbourne CBD, February
38. Poster, Flinders Street Station, Melbourne CBD, February
39. Back of drinks vending machine, North Melbourne Station, February
40. Rear of Car 2, Kensington, February
41. Flemington, February
42. Kensington, February
43. Window stickers, Kensington, February
44. Hypocrisy, Kensington, February
45. "Wurundjeri I am who I am", Barak Building, Melbourne CBD, February
46. The portfolio builder, Melbourne CBD, February
47. Coles Carpark, Moonee Ponds, February
48. Fly-poster, Flemington, February
49. Coburg, February
50. Former prison wall, Coburg, February
51. Milk alternatives, Urquhart St entrance to Old Pentridge Prison, February
52. Sydney Road, Coburg, February
53. Toilet Choices 2, February
54. Modern Home simulation, Coburg, February
55. The rental merry-go-round, Northcote, February
56. Holiday cottage, Northcote, February
57. 1835 arrival site of first European settlers in Victoria, Enterprise Park, February
58. Cruel April fool, February
59. Over-designed iron, February
60. Graffitied fly-poster 2, February
61. The world is my home, February
62. Anti-anti-social behaviour devices, February
63. Aspirational cushion, April
64. The history of this land is free and pure, April
65. Potential burglars, April
66. Conscious consumer, April
67. Footscray, April
68. Graffiti, Footscray, April
69. We send lithium batteries overseas, Footscray, April
70. Australia Day Eve event notice, April
71. Light refreshments after 'Tackling Climate Change' seminar, April
72. I'm genuinely lost, April
73. 140 William Street (formerly BHP House), Melbourne CBD, April
74. White gold rush / ??, April
75. Paranoid millennial using a device, April
76. Sign to whoever stole their clothes, Melbourne CBD April
77. Sinister 'Shot on iPhone' advert, Elizabeth Street, April
78. BEKVÄM step stool 2, April
79. Build respect, April
80. Yarraville, April
81. Drainpipe, West Footscray, April
82. Painted roundabout sign, Middle Footscray, April
83. NO, Middle Footscray, April
84. He survived East Timor, April
85. #letthemstay, April
86. Yarravile squat, April
87. Rear of car 3, April
88. Two houses, Footscray, April
89. Commissioned graffiti and estate agents, April
90. Believe in better, Kensington, April
91. Tram stop poster, Footscray, May
92. Rubbish, Maribyrnong River, May
93. Bus stop poster, Maidstone, May
94. Off Ballarat Road, Footscray, May
95. #bringthemhere, West Footscray, May
96. Foodora worker, May
97. Skin whitening product advertisement, Footscray, May
98. Erased Wominjeka, Footscray Library, May
99. Man is not a camel, May
100. Smartphone payment solutions, May
101. Live there Airbnb ad, May
102. YUPPIE SCUM EVERYWHERE, Yarraville, May
103. Declarative present formal low / 'Shot on iPhone', Library at the Dock, June
104. Doing there bit, June
105. Coles, Moonee Ponds, June
106. VR in public gallery, Geelong, June
107. BEKVÄM step stool 3, June
108. DONT MISS OUT, June
109. Jo driving on the Princes Freeway, June
110. Love Billboard 1, June
111. Love Billboard 2, July
112. Anachronistic buffet, Yarraville, July
113. Letterbox eating up estate agent literature, Yarraville, July
114. Tag on banner, July
115. A view from Flinders Street, July
116. Building proposal banner between Swanson St and Elizabeth St, July
117. How much heat can a polar bear? July
118. Jo after cupping, July
119. We hate you! July
120. Riding of the Capital City Trail, July
121. Tagged outdoors-y couple, July
122. Trusted Sales Team, July
123. Daigou, July
124. Pixelated, July
125. Maximise perceived harm / Opaque Couché, July
126. Handmade Huawai advertisement banner, July
127. Chemist Warehouse, July
128. Casino sucks, July
129. Tag and flag, July
130. Deliveroo rider checking their phone, July
131. The death of Robert O'Hara Burke, July
132. Notices, July
133. HELP, July
134. Yarraville squat painted, July
135. Graffitied fly-poster, Footscray, July
136, 137, 138. 'Pokemon Go' launch week, outside State Library of Victoria, July
139. Female keyboard player wanted, July
140. Misaligned Amy Schumer, July
141. Human living under tarp by Moonee Ponds Creek, July
142. SORE EYES? July
143. Museum interpretation, Castlemaine, July
144. Rear of Car, July
145. Rhetorical question, July
146. Laundrette, High Street, Northcote, July
147. Smashed Adshel poster case, Kensington, July
148. Made for legends, July
149. Dead Scaly-breasted lorikeet, July
150. New millennial dad, July
151. Couple trying out seemingly comfortable mattress, Hawthorn, July
152. The 1%, July
153. Reflexology diagram in window, Richmond, July
154. Corner of Barnett and Smith Street, Kensington, July
155. Hi I'm Janelle, Fitzroy, August
156. Fitzroy, August
157. Kebab Kings, Collingwood, August
158. Warm is not cool, August
159. Graffiti, Fitzroy, August
160. Personal possessions, Carlton, August
161. Chain Link, August
162. Checkpoint, Kensington, August
163. Bring Them Here, August
164. View from corner of Barnett and Smith Street, Kensington, August
165. Apartment construction, August
166. Deliveroo rider, August
167. Personal possessions, North Melbourne, August
168. Poster, Melbourne CBD, August
169. Dad on smartphone, August
170. Empty shop, Footscray, August
171. Signs on post, Footscray, August
172. Newspaper (auto light meter reading), Footscray, August
173. Newspaper (pushed), Footscray August
174. Chemist Warehouse, Footscray, August
175. Human still living under tarp, August
176. Monumental patio heater, Hawthorn, August
177. EastLink, August
178. UberEats delivery on foot, August
179. Do it yourself or let us do it for you, August
180. Don't be distracted, Carnegie, August
181. Chang Jiang International Express, August
182. Signs, North Melbourne, August
183. Personal possessions, North Melbourne, August
184. Invader / mammalian pest / invasive species / migrant / expat / settler, August
185. UberEats delivery on foot, Southern Cross August
186. Jo after neuromarketing, August
187. We care Nauru, Abbotsford, August
188. Coriolis debunking above, August
189. Coriolis debunking below, August
190. Shoes on a wire, Carlton, August
191. Boutique site, Abbotsford, August
192. The system, Collingwood, August
193. Fly-Poster, Collingwood, August
194. Paleo Chocolate, August
195. Self-employed UberEATS contractor, North Melbourne, September
196. Corner of Collins Street and Swanson Street, Melbourne CBD, September
197. C.U.B 55 rally notice, September
198. Former commemorative plaque base, treaty signing location, September
199. Supposed Batman treaty signing location, Merri Creek, Northcote, August
200. Flinders Street Station, August
201. When your boss is an algorithm, September
202. No one sells in Spring like they do, Flemington, September
203. Flemington, September
204. Bike seen around town, September
205. John Pascoe Faulkner (hands), Collins Street, Melbourne CBD, September
206. John Pascoe Faulkner (head), September
207. Obscured John Batman Bronze Sculpture, Collins Street,
208. John Batman's hands, Melbourne CBD, September
209. Waste, Collins Street, September
210. Human on self-balancing electric unicycle, September
211. Refugees Welcome Here, September
212. Melbourne Central, September
213. Coop's Shot tower under Kisho Kurokawa's glass cone, September
214. Pet sitting still life, September
215. Rhetorical question, September
216. Newspaper posters, September
217. Oslo Davis Illustration, September
218. Development, September
219. Elizabeth Street,, September
220. Personal Possessions, Melbourne CBD, September
221. Real People, Faulkner, September

Notes on photographs the artist found in hard rubbish outside a residential property in the Melbourne suburb of Kensington. Dates and photographer(s) unknown.

1 a, b, c. Three images showing the Yarra River and Melbourne CBD. Note the Nicolson Building (1926), a palazzos style building displaying tobacco advertising and St Paul Cathedral (1891) in the Neo-gothic style, both in Smith's photograph 115. In image 1b the Princes Gate Towers (1967) can be seen, better known as The Gas and Fuel Corporation Towers they were demolished in 1996 to make way for Federation Square.

2. Polar Bear, Melbourne Zoo. Sign on wall appears to read 'NEW ENCLOSURE FOR BEARS WILL BE CONSTRUCTED AS SOON AS FUNDS PERMIT'.

3. Coop's Shot Tower (1890), the tallest building in Melbourne CBD at the time. Included in the Victorian Heritage Register (H0709). See also Smith's photograph 213.

4. View from the doorstep of 16 Smith Street, Kensington. These photographs were found in hard rubbish outside this property. See also Smith's photographs 154 and 164.

5. Kodak sleeve that contained these photographs. 'Around Melb' written in ink.

6. View westerly along Bourke Street showing BHP House (1972). Built in the modern style, it was Australia's first steel skyscraper and is included in the Victorian Heritage Register (H1699). Melbourne's highest building until 1975, it was eclipsed by one metre by the Optus Centre (visible in 11c), which itself was surpassed just two years later by Nauru House (1977).

7. Graffiti on wall, Unknown location.

8. Statue of Robert O'Hara Burke and William John Wills (1865), City Square, near the corner of Collins and Swanson St, where it had been since 1979. The statue was removed from this location as the chlorinated water from the fountain below was destroying the patina. It was restored by Meridian Studios in Fitzroy and reinstalled close by in 1993. The Westin Hotel and apartments now dominate the former square, reducing the area of civic space. The are was the site of Melbourne's Occupy protests and more recently a homeless protest camp. See also Smith's photographs 131 and 196.

9. More commonly known as 'Yellow Peril', Vault (1978) by Australian artist Ron Robertson-Swann was installed in City Square in 1980 before being removed in July 1981 and 'dumped' in what would become Batman Park. In this image, people are using the sculpture to shade from the sun during what is likely a demonstration relating to the 1980-81 Irish hunger strikes. In 2002 Vault was moved to a new site outside of the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art.

10. The $160,000 video matrix screen in City Square showing a live golf tournament on ABC. The screen was shut down after persistent issues. Standing in this same place you would now likely be in The Westin Hotel.

11 a,b,c,d,e Five views from the Yarra River. The first image shows the Southgate pedestrian bridge which opened in 1992, so it is possible these images are from around that time. The following four images make up a panorama, likely to have been taken on the bridge and shows many recently completed buildings like the Rialto Towers (1986), another view of the BHP Building and Flinders Street Station (1910).
Call to Action, 2016
221 giclée prints on Hahnemühle Photo Rag paper, black shoe tacks, found Kodak colour prints and sleeve, gallery walls painted black and Pantone 448C (Opaque Couché) converted to RAL 6041.